Artists, scientists, a secondary school science department and university outreach staff are collaborating on this innovative public engagement project: ‘The Superbug Bus’. A converted double decker bus with an Augmented Reality hospital ward on the top deck and an interactive science lab on the bottom will provide a unique, immersive and interactive experience exploring global issues of ‘superbugs’ and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Each year 700,000 people worldwide die from drug resistant infections, and the WHO classify AMR as a ‘serious threat to global public health’. The bus will tour schools and town centres directly engaging 5,000 people, and indirectly engaging another 100,000-150,000 people; enabling them to access and respond to AMR research, encouraging them to think critically about the roles they play, and empowering them to take steps to help combat AMR, contributing to improved public health outcomes.

Male and female researchers from a range of ethnic and social backgrounds will directly engage 3600 KS3 & KS4 schoolchildren; provoking their curiosity about challenges facing society and exciting them with Science and Health Research’s ability to solve real-world problems in innovative ways. This will help promote diversity and inclusion in science; encouraging children to see themselves as scientists in the future.